Fagioli engineering division" is a "spin-off department" created to support the continuous requests for dedicated engineering know-how. 
During these last years the requests of the customers have not only been connected to Fagioli long-standing typical activity but also related to the matters and problems during the modularized plant construction pre-planning phase for the definition of civil requirements and logistics engineering". Moreover there is a bigger and bigger involvement of engineering know-how within the most challenging clients construction requirements. 

Fagioli group has been qualified and certified by DNV, also as Engineering Company thanks to its in-house "first class" engineering department. Engineering is not only the capability to make complex structural calculations but also the ability to choose for the most effective technical solutions and the appropriate equipment and means of transports and lifting, considering all the aspects concerning safety, quality and environment, reliability of the service offered, budget and activity planning, in order to satisfy clients requirements.

During the feasibility phase Fagioli is willing to act as a real partner, working side by side with the client and proposing alternative cost-saving solutions.
During the bid stage, Fagioli Engineering Department supports the Commercial Management in identifying the most suitable means and equipment for the execution of the projects, issues the Method of Statements and drawings, analyses the Technical Specifications of the Client and the Technical aspects of the offer/tender.

The Engineering Department prepares also the Technical Specifications for the procurement and the construction of the equipment such as specific saddles, supports, beams... that will be used during the transport/lifting operations.
In-house engineering means also risk reduction. To achieve this Fagioli uses the most sophisticated computer programs to perform accurate engineering studies in order to complete safe transport and lifting thanks to the latest generation of technical drawing software and 3d movie simulation technology used to calculate all possible risks and repproduce the movement of the whole transport and lifting operation.

During the execution stage, the Engineering Department supports the Operative Division, by issuing all the necessary documents for the preparation and the execution of the job on site:
Equipment list
Transport and Lifting drawings with all the details of the means and equipment to use.
Calculations Statement (stability, structural, ballasting, load in and load out operations)
Operative procedures explaining the safest way to execute the jobs; organisation charts; check list for the preparation and control of the equipment; step by step description of the operations; operational methods (tolerances, maximum speed, wind speed limitations, maximum reactions...) for a safety execution; in house equipment "CE" certification by professional engineers.

All the documents issued by Engineering Department are "safety-oriented" for all the activities on site, activity prepared in cooperation with the HSE department: issuing of Safety Manual, Method of Statement, Safety Job Analysis, Risk Assessment, Near Miss Reports...