Fagioli was contracted for the weighing, load out and load in operation of a 1,760 ton module in Kazakhstan. The offshore module had the following dimension: 80 m in length; 9.7 wide and 11m high. Fagioli firstly used No. 18 x 300 ton hydraulic jacks and No. 18 load cells (No.14 x 200 ton capacity each ; 4 x 300 ton capacity each)  to execute the weighing operation. Fagioli, then, prepared N° 2 Strand jacks, type L450, with minimum safe working load of 418 t. Each Strand Jack was  armed with 27 Strand (dia 18mm) with a Safe working load each of 15t for a total amount of 810 t. The strand jacks managed to pull the module onto dedicated skid tracks and eventually onto the barge. Once loaded, the barge moved to an artificial island where the module was skidded by Fagioli strand jacks onto the land. Ballast and engineering operation for the load in action were executed by Fagioli engineering division.