Fagioli was called for the heavy transport of modules with a height up to 6.90 m from two different locations: Annicco, (Cremona) and Quarto d’Altino (Treviso) with final destination Marghera (Venice).

The fist lot, composed of three modules, were carefully moved by No. 14 axle lines SPMT  outside the manufacturing area, through small town and stored in a dedicated area. The modules were then loaded onto a 12 axle lines modular trailers and transported up to Cremona river port for the loading operation onto Fagioli barge, destined to Venice.

For the second lot of modules manufactured at Quarto d’Altino, it was necessary the removal of 30 road signs and portals during the journey. Fagioli 12 axle lines modular trailers for the transport activity.