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Fagioli news magazine Issue 18



Fagioli news magazine Issue 17

The first eight pages of Fagioli Newsletter issue 17 are dedicated to one of the most impressive project, in this case for the offshore sector, ever performed by Fagioli , so far. We are talking about the operations for the assembly of a complete offshore platform executed in Canada.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 16

Fagioli are proud to present the new corporate profile downlodable from Fagioli website The new corporate profile features all the activities of the group, implemented during these last years.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 15

After the parbuckling operation (the rotation of the Concordia wreck) Fagioli were contracted by Titan and Micoperi consortium, under the overall project coordination of Costa Crociere, for the provision of logistics and equipment support for the refloating operations of the vessel.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 14

Fagioli were awarded by Titan Salvage company in partnership with the Italian Micoperi consortium, a contract for the
equipment and logistics support under the overall project coordination of COSTA CROCIERE.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 13

Dear All,

It is always extremely difficult to condense in a few lines all of my thoughts regarding the events, successful operations and developments that have taken place during the last year, however I will try.



Fagioli news magazine Issue 12

Dear clients and business friends,

I am glad to welcome you to our 12th edition of Fagioli News. Time has elapsed since our last edition and there are many interesting news about which we want to report.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 11

Welcome to Fagioli news, issue 11.
Fagioli news is a publication that summarises all the main projects performed over the last few months.
The scope of the Newsletter is merely commercial but sometimes, as in this case, we use it to inform our clients of the relevant facts concerning our group.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 10

Focus on USA
Wood River and CCR Project
Vessel Lifting
Croatia, Egypt, India
Doublle win!!


Fagioli news magazine Issue 09

New Crawler Cranes
Increasing our heavy lifting capabilities
Baosteel Project
Fagioli’s Elevator System
Another Magnificent Installation


Fagioli news magazine Issue 08

As the project draws to an end
Houdini Project
Lifting of 2 reactors
More awards for Fagioli


Fagioli news magazine Issue 07

Welcome to the 7th edition of the Fagioli newsletter. It is a big honour for me to introduce for the first time, a 20 page edition.
Over the last six months, Fagioli have demonstrated its know-how and expertise in several activities concerning transportation, lifting, engineering and logistics.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 06

Dear Business colleagues,
It's my pleasure to introduce to you the 6th edition of Fagioli Group Newsletter.
Fagioli is a growing and fast-moving company, always ready to adapt itself to a more challenging and dynamic market.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 05

Dear business friends,
We're very glad to welcome you to this 5th edition of the Fagioli Newsletter.
2006 has been a very active year for us in terms of projects performed as well as further integration of the company and widening of new opportunities.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 04

Dear Business Friends,
"Great challenging times" was the title of our last December 2005 News Letter and, as the phrase suggests, the first few months of 2006 have been extremely challenging for the history of the Fagioli Group and our Family, allowing me today to proudly write these few lines as the sole owner of Fagioli.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 03

I am particularly honoured to welcome you to this third edition of our Group Newsletter. As you will see in the next pages of this issue, important projects have been completed in all segments of our activities during the second half of 2005 and we are proud to say that recent important awards have been achieved by the group to start in 2006.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 02

I am very pleased to be involved with the second issue of our Corporate News Letter and would like to say that as a Group we can be very proud of the results obtained during the first half of 2005.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 01

The Fagioli Group have been working for almost 50 years as leading company in heavy transports, lifting and forwarding activities on a world-wide basis.


Fagioli news magazine Issue 00

The Fagioli Group presents the first edition of Fagioli News in an effort to keep its ClWnts informed of the services available within the organisation.
As Fagioli expands so do the possibilities multiply.
Offering an ever-widening coverage of worM markets, we strive to provide the best possible solution for our Clients' needs.

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