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Alessandro Fagioli, president of Fagioli SPA and son of company's founder, "il Cavaliere del lavoro" (Commander of the Order for merit recognition) Giovanni Fagioli, recalls that the father was a driver employee for a small firm. In 1950, Alessandro Fagioli, moved with his family from Traversetolo to Montecchio (both located in the Central Italy). Alessandro's father decided to buy the first Dodge truck in 1951 and started his own business as a courier. At the beginning Fagioli Spa carried everything from lumber to livestock to food until 1955 when the activity of transport of cans started out for a local company. "The production of cans moved to S. Ilario d'Enza, where my father - says Alessandro Fagioli - parked his trucks every evening". In 1960 Fagioli SPA owned 6 trucks with the purchase every year of two new units. The significant breakthrough occurred in the early 60's when the first semi-trailers were purchased. "I convinced my father - says Alexander Fagioli - that our way of performing transport activities had to be modified because we used to spend too much time during loading and unloading operations . Sometimes, our trucks waited for the material for 10 hours in one day .... So we decided to buy the first three semi-trailers and left them one at the loading point, one by the client while the third was traveling ..."

One of the first heavy transport executed by Alessandro Fagioli is the hauling of a boiler and subsequently the transport of an historical bronze bell in 1965, which progressively gave the company a certain prestige. Continuous investments in state-of-the-art means for the heavy transport activity, increased the fame of Fagioli first in central Italy and then later also in the North, with the opening of offices in Milan and Turin, and throughout Italy. In the mid-sixties and in the '70s Fagioli began the ro-ro transport activity to Sardinia and Libya, and the first forwarding activities to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The new equipment and the first class specialized personnel, strongly required by Alessandro Fagioli, brought the award of very demanding projects. "Technology moves the world" became the motto of Alessandro Fagioli, because only with advanced engineering solutions you are able to face the activity of hauling and lifting of modules and items which are becoming bigger and bigger. Alessandro Fagioli won all these new challenges. Some recent examples are: the participation in the parbuckling operation and removal of the Costa Concordia wreck; the installation of 12000 ton caissons and barriers for the MO.SE project Venice; the installation of modules weighing up to 4800 t for the ADRIATIC LNG regasification terminal located in Rovigo; the transport of the Toti submarine in Milan ... just to mention few of the most impressive projects with a huge media impact recently executed by Fagioli. Alessandro Fagioli has been able to broaden new horizons in the activity of heavy transport and lifting and applied engineering, and project forwarding operations. The new Fagioli payoff is now "the world ... our passion" because it is on a global basis that Alessandro Fagioli and his company are willing to be recognized and respected!

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